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written by: LadyLily



Melting stars, wax into Chinese lanterns
shining on beds of lemon grass,
slumbering in a ruby dream.
Alyssum’s magnetic force
creates carpeted vistas of imagination.

Uncut emeralds dangle from branches
as serpents lick winds,
luring the Queen to taste fresh wombs of Rose.
A Cuckoo mocks the Summer
as lonely Doves watch on.

Shy Primrose, leaves stamped down,
runs from straggling roots of a Cedar,
her scent wrapped in a shroud of panic.
Pollen sockets flare saffron flames
dancing the corn gold
as the Moon drops a honeyed eye.

Lilies hiss, lolling in a lazy mist,
sprinkled petals fan,
like Sun-God fountains of Jasmine.
Nightingales sup lemon liquor,
Swallows swerve a new velvet dawn
as Woodlarks chirrup a chorus of joy.

Breeze’s musical fragrance…
stitches of nature riddle its orbs.
Born of tinctures, tints and crayons,
a purple night draws a fantasy portrait
through curves of a maze…
No beginning.
No end.

August, a language of her own…
…and daylight sings a clever song.

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