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Sad Song On Forever

sad song on forever

written by: Violet Pollux



a sad song’s on repeat.
it’s my song,
it’s my story,
it’s my sadness the one that’s sounding.

a sad song’s on repeat.
i can’t help it.
crap, i’m sorry!
i didn’t mean to hurt you this much but
i don’t know how to not do it either.

a sad song’s on repeat.
over and over, all day long.
i like the song. it’s quite pretty, but
it hurts because
my hollowness built it with
tears through a senseless tea cup
and a mask that’s slowly fading away and

i’m sorry for
not knowing how
to save you,

how to save this,

how to save the both of us from
turning into past tense and not
present anymore and…

again, there’s a sad song on repeat.
it’s been on repeat since the day i hugged you and
felt deep inside me that
the end is inevitably approaching us,
that this isn’t going to last forever,
that it’s time to say goodbye and

you’re not seeing me, but
while i’m listening to this endless sad song
about you and I,
i’m crying because
no, we won’t get married,
no, we aren’t going to live together and
have children and

there’s no happy ending for
the both
of us.

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