The Worst: Episode 2 - So This Day May Come and I May Leave You, by thePoeticpiper at

The Worst: Episode 2 – So This Day May Come and I May Leave You

The Worst: Episode 2

So This Day May Come and I May Leave You

written by: thePoeticpiper



Didn’t know that you would love me
Enough to drive a knife in my heart
Right when we got serious
“What a cliché I must say”

Waiting on your arrival that valentine night
Remember the year we kissed, welcoming the new year
While he was nowhere to be found in the crowd
Down the line, without any expectations, we became something new
Out he went along with his play and I entered on your stage

Cooked dinner, candles lit, room filled with warmth
Later you landed in an act, all surprised but I never knew
I went along with the play, had sex that very night
A couple of days down the lane, after the rounds, you said you loved me
Confessed on how you slept with another on valentines
And if I wanted to break up, you would understand
My heart burned into lust, roses into ashes
I forgave you with a deadly smile

We got serious, lavished you more than I could
You were well entertained
Even got retarded to light up the fuse
An introduction to your mother made things worse
On my birthday you threw a party for me with your family
Things got heated up in my end, couldn’t find an escape
I was in too deep with a clown face mask on

It is true when I say
“I fell into the idea that I was loving you”
So I’m to blame for giving you memories
The memories I never felt for
For you had taken away the emotions I built for you
My deadly smile led to an act of beauty for you
And so I left, you pled for me to stay

“It was all an act sweetheart
I had left you right after I forgave you
I took out my anger by showing you the true definition of love
So that this day may come and I may leave you”
This time, you could say I was the worst

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