Icarus And The Ugarit Eclipse, written by Irtika Kazi at Spillwords.com

Icarus And The Ugarit Eclipse

Icarus And The Ugarit Eclipse

written by: Irtika Kazi


Icarus was warned by Daedalus of
Complacency and incessant pride;
He was apprised of flying too high, towards the Sun
And plummeting into Water,

lest his wings melt and burn— wax, and a father’s love.
But like me he wasn’t faithful to the hands
That crafted his wings, the strings that held him above
heartache’s gargoyles.

Instead, I yearned for love that was darker than the Ugarit Eclipse,
Longer than two minutes and seven seconds of darkness.

Icarus, now in Baroque and Gothic artwork symbolizes hubris.
And every time I see you, I think of
Icarus who flew too close to the sun.

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