In Paradise, a poem by Aminath Neena at
Simon Berger

In Paradise

In Paradise

written by: Aminath Neena


Let me take you
Light years
Away in time

To the night
When our souls met
For the first time
Beside the milky lake

Of Eden
In paradise
Where beauty existed
Without envy

When time elapsed
Within a gust
Of the softest zephyr
When the silky petals

Of roses echoed
The song in our hearts
And when their nectar poured
As raindrops

Whispering a promise
Of a life time
Which, still brings shivers
To this edifice

Of melting femme,
Firing bolts of
Seasonal passion fruits
To haunt its corridors

From time to time,

And remember,
That same night,
I believed
In the existence
Of Love

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