Ode To A Scented Bloom, a poem by Aminath Neena at Spillwords.com
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Ode To A Scented Bloom

Ode To a Scented Bloom

written by: Aminath Neena


Oh jasmine; oh, my grace,
Thy softness and silky finesse
Thy flawless beauty, so enchants me
Aye, this meek psyche is baffled by thee

Me thinks thou belong with the sylphs
Thou confront no scuffle to those nymphs
Of the land, the rose so charming
The wild hibiscus so daring

Thy noble purity captures my heart
that no magic can reel it apart
And thy nectar- thy scent is the sweetest flow
Oh, my ladyship! And do they truly know?

‘Tis the chastity in SHE not the flare
That matters so, nor the outside glare
Alas! those that seek the truth can but see
With eyes that seek beauty can only see

the hidden allure of the woman so feminine
in the kosher elegance of thee, my jasmine

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