Fruity Floral Punch, a poem by Aminath Neena at
Frank Zhang

Fruity Floral Punch

Fruity Floral Punch

written by: Aminath Neena


I bring you a delightful bunch
Quite appealing on this warm summer’s day
It is a magical fruity- floral punch
made with a panoramic mix in the sweet way

Of one single sip, the likeness of which,
will wipe all your existing troubles and glitch
and it has got in it, a glint of hazel witch
with Arabian pomegranates as the main catch

British berries of all kinds and shapes
with Chinese peaches and Japanese pineapples
to complement with European ruby red grapes
Mixed with American sapphire green apples

With garnet yellow oranges from Russia
united with the fragrant, delicate essence
of the freshest jasmine from South Asia
and Canadian maple syrup for saccharine sense

Garnished with African sweet jacaranda
Finally poured into wild golden tulips
from the floral gardens of Oceania
Let me serve this drink to your waiting lips

Oh! doesn’t it flow as honeyed as nectar,
For all such wine, thrive in the realm of the head
The psyche is just a mere collector
Flared by the tongue of an immaculate poet

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