Harp of Psithurism, a poem by Aminath Neena at Spillwords.com
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Harp of Psithurism

Harp of Psithurism

written by: Aminath Neena


The downpour is over, my heart
We do not need an umbrella anymore
Neither do we need any covers
Today, it is raining flowers
From the blue blue sky
Roses, sweet jasmine and dahlias
Fresh blooms of spring
Smiling in wonder glee
just for the two of us, only

This is our moment, hurry up my sweet
We must not waste time any more
Lift me high up in the air
And I may still catch some in my hair
their fragrance will be ours forever
The air is filled with potpourri
From the sprigs of nature
A heavenly offertory
For two souls in harmony

The air is dotingly pungent, my love
We do not need to suffer anymore
The petrichor has arrived in symbolism
Together with the harp of psithurism
It is time to sing and enjoy
With the chorus playing our song
Let us waltz with the music
Hand in hand we will find our rhythm
And merge into one prism

So, dear heart, whisper to me your desire
We do not need to be afraid anymore
And together we will complete
This iconic sizzling feat
Together till the absolute end
Till death do us apart
Together to reach the hereafter
Where our souls will dwell so
In the gardens of Eden, forever more

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