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written by: Joseph K. Wells



I am all withered within;
nothing can now set me straight.
I stand no chance to win
yet another fight against fate.

I’d hoped to share my joys with you,
but that you said caused you pain.
Even without the slightest adieu,
You made me a stranger again.

Breathing against this new reality,
my chest so tightly barbed.
I live but my non-entity,
with my corpse in flesh garbed.

And, while I put forward this broad chin,
as my love story ends in your words of hate,
I am all withered within;
nothing can now set me straight…

Joseph K. Wells

Joseph K. Wells

Joseph K. Wells is a businessman, occupational therapist, part-time professor and a few wannabes from time to time. Since he began publishing in 2016, his poems have found a home in over a dozen journals and lit mags.
Joseph K. Wells

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