Solo Tear, a poem written by Michael Ball at
Mayank Dhanawade

Solo Tear

Solo Tear

written by: Michael Ball



I am one. Am I the only one
who revels in the dolor…

of a single tear, burning and
salty, cutting its path down
my right cheek chinward?

An abrupt rivulet like a massive
raindrop on the windowpane.

I am perhaps past-ripe and showing
trivial joys at grandsons
(or even over dog antics) and
surely to soft words in passing
from a spouse of time-shrouded years.

And time triggered…time was
it took lust or anger or other passion
to squeeze that single drop falling
from uvea to cheek to philtrum.

Only a few drops from an eye fill
that mythic groove above the lip,
that vile vial reserved for a love potion.

Yes, shuffling toward dotage, I rejoice
in a tear expelled by command of my heart.
Let it trace a sincere feeling on my face.

As there is no shame in honest work,
there can be none in displayed emotion.

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