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Release Me

Release Me

written by: Patsy Whittle



This broken self underneath the stars
Missing you
With the final remedy in hand
Ready to take that unknown journey

Unburdening my heart
That’s broken into pieces
Sending its shattered beats
Throughout the midnight sky

Take me away
To that unknown existence
Plant beautiful flowers upon my soul
Let my spirit dance again

Wipe the tears from my memory’s path
Pave the way with your bright light
Give my eyes back their twinkling stars
Make me strong to release the burden

Weighing heavily on my shoulders
Carrying my lost happiness
Making each step trapped
Like a stone in cement

Rise me up to your higher power
Carry me on your wings of freedom
Release me from life’s
Every last sting

Like a bird I will be free
To fly away
To a place outside my dreams
And rest beside the one I love

Patsy Whittle

Patsy Whittle

Patsy lives in BC, Canada. She enjoys writing. Especially poetry, which is her passion. She is retired from her job at a library, where she was part of a team that produced audiobooks for the Canadian National Institute for the Blind.
Patsy Whittle

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