Uplifting Moments, a poem by Patsy Whittle at Spillwords.com
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Uplifting Moments

Uplifting Moments

written by: Patsy Whittle



I won’t think about my problems
Instead, I will enjoy the morning light
Coming through my window
As the sun shyly peeps through

Birds calling through the trees
Happily going about their day
Sorting their bundles as they go
Not sitting on a branch
And wishing they were dead

Life is going by
Outside my window
People rushing about
Sounds of children happily playing
Without a care in the world

Oh, what it would be like
To be a kid again
Free of all the pain piled high
Tucked safely in my mother’s arms
Away from the monsters nearby

Were they always there?
Or did I create them?
With my frustrations, and despair
Constantly on high

Happy thoughts rush in
Mingling with the sun
Fighting off bad memories
Always at the surface
Winning every time

Reminding me I’m not allowed
To enjoy this peaceful moment
As I watch the trees sway
Outside my window
Trying to calm my senses to a halt

Giving me back a moment in time
Of what life used to be
Full of happiness and joy
Eagerly awaiting each morning
Free of scars I carry now

Where did it all go wrong?
How did it come to this?
Am I the monster?
Chasing my shadow

Whatever the reasons
I am here now
Grasping at every uplifting moment
Before they are gone forever

Buried deep in a silenced mind
Covered in a blanket of dark
With their only chance at life
To return another time



Some days are more of a challenge than others. We have to hold on to every special moment we get.

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