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Letting Go

Letting Go

written by: Patsy Whittle



His skin was white as snow
As he lay with eyes half-closed
There was no mistaking
The lines etched on his face
Had mapped out his long journey’s path

A small tear ran down his cheek
As he reached out his feeble hand
To touch the love that had kept him going
And quiet a heart to a whisper
To ease the increasing pain on her face

Don’t feel sad for me my dear
For I have lived a long happy life
To be gifted by your love and kindness
And to have walked by your side
Is worth the end to the road I now take

I only wish all could have enjoyed
The happiness I have known
Wrapped in your arms so tight
Blessed by your beautiful smile
Moved by your courage and strength

You have given me enough joy and happiness
To share with all on earth
To be accepted and loved by you
And to be adored so easily
And for making me the man I’m proud of

Trust me now for in truth I swear
Yours is the face within my heart
That I will love long after this body is gone
As I wait upon that shining star
To see you smile once more

Take my hand before I go and squeeze it tight
If you have released me then I will feel
The load has lifted from my heart
And dried up all my tears
Releasing me back to the one I was

He felt his hand in hers so tight
A smile spread across his face
That will be forever etched in time
As he took his last breath so quietly
His hand grew weak and he slipped away



I wrote this poem after my friend’s husband went to the hospital with terminal cancer. His wife of 40 years stood by his side at the end for three days until he took his last breath. He was alert enough to worry about the affect his death would have on her and he didn’t want to leave until she assured him he could go.

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