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A Fairy Tale

A Fairy Tale

written by: Gayl Wright



I lie awake in bed
My thoughts a jumbled mess
Darkness is deep

Quietness reigns
Broken only by sounds of
Melodic chimes

Beautiful notes ring out
Carried by the breezes
Stirring my heart

I slowly leave my bed
Throw open the shutters
A great surprise

I see a dazzling light
Before my squinting eyes
What could it be?

A portal in the sky
I wonder where it leads
A hand appears

I shiver and step back
The palm now opens wide
Beckoning me

Do I dare take the hand?
Maybe I won’t return
What if I die?

Strong curiosity
dispels my fearful thoughts
Shyly I reach

And tightly clasp the hand
Suddenly I’m in a
Ravishing land

To my wondering eyes
A bright castle appears
Dawnstar by name

With shimmering fountains
Gorgeous flower gardens
Colors aflame

Jeweled paths glittering
Touched by rays of sunshine
Such majesty

My heart is pounding fast
I must know where I am
Is this a dream

Who is holding my hand
I turn and see the Prince
Of this vast realm

Suddenly my nightgown
Becomes a fancy dress
Bright with diamonds

The Prince kneels with a rose
I gasp as he asks me
To be his bride

Though speechless and surprised
I nod and answer yes
Accept the rose

Taking my hand he leads
Me to a banquet hall
Guests fill the room

A scrumptious feast is laid
Plenty of food is shared
With everyone

Our home is the castle
Named for the morning star
That brightly shines

Promising joy and peace
Happiness and love to
All who live here

Together we will reign
With justice and with grace
Forever more

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