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The Worst: Episode 3

Was I Really The Worst?

written by: thePoeticpiper



Love is too deep
And I am not made for it
I am a fool for it
But when the stage heats up
I set myself aside

I hope you're reading this
For I am guilty for not letting you go in the beginning
I fought for my own foolishness
And I am paying the price
You fell into it like I did
And so you're paying for it too

I wish I could rewind time, but time cannot be undone
I wish I could become a cupid, point the arrow to your heart
Reconnect you with your previous true love
And take off where you left off
Let your dream desires come forth
As your happiness would build in you
Get that pleasure that would melt your heart daily
Find it special as you let it be your daily meal

I am a criminal of this love
I let my foolishness take its place
No one can understand the vibe that comes with and from it
It is too deep; I seem to lose control of it, I cannot be sincere
I have said to other girls I love them
But they packed their hearts, left me in the shadow
You never did that, you told me you love me
Showed me that love that manoeuvred in me

Now after a year in this journey
I am doing what those girls did to me, to you
I cannot lie, I do mean to do this
I know that this life is not fair
I do not mean to harm you like this
But this love is too deep
So dry your tears away

Young love, dry your tears
I know this love is too deep
Dry your tears
It has only been a year; it surely feels like a lifetime
The fights we had, the intimate crazy moments, a lifetime
The fights we had seemed to be pushing us apart
So dry your tears and do not take blame for it

This feels like a broken lifeline
Recharged and snipped again
A cycle I cannot seem to follow
I know I might be a hard act to follow
If not your previous love, there is one who can follow

I am in tears now because all this is hard to say
I am in tears now because all this is real
Tell your mother I say I am sorry
Tell your sister I say I am sorry
Because young love I am sorry
I am a man and men cry too
I am a man and men fall in tears too

And I say…
All I wish is to be the cupid
That reconnects you with your previous love
Dry the hurtful tears away and take off where you left off
Find love under that chandelier, a sprinkle of happy tears
But I cannot wish what we had away
Because something out of nothing is a gift
And I found you special, for you were truly a gift
This chapter is closed
And you
Eventually will fall out of my memories
And you will forget the journey we shared

Was I really the worst?

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