Potter, a poem written by Megha Sood at Spillwords.com



written by: Megha Sood



A ball of sagging clay in your hands

taking shapes

between the ridges of your fingers

getting kneaded by your

bony knuckles of the long taloned hand

those slender fingers

which only an artist adores

You shape and mold me

and put indentations

give shapes to my dreams and desires

and cover up the cracks

the unforgiving time has left in me

You pinch and prick and

accentuate the

beauty laying hidden in my soul

for the whole world to  see

in its grandeur

and makes those wavy patterns

those ripples in time

the sweet memories

which stay,

etched in my mind

You baked and caked me in the

hard harrowing oven

to stress those lessons

which infuse the

everlasting shine in me

and makes me a masterpiece

for the world to see.

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