Quest - A Reflection in The Woods, poetry by Megha Sood at

Quest – A Reflection in The Woods

Quest – A Reflection in The Woods

written by: Megha Sood



In that thickness
of the deep mesh of woods
where the heart feels
the light is denied
and it falls prey
to the devouring reality
Those twisted twigs
and tangled thoughts
And people living with broken truth
my doppelgänger
tries to find its true identity
Those little saplings
of dreams and wishes
cursed by the scorching sun
dying by every moment
And failing miserably
A drought lasting a lifetime
which snatches
and takes away the last sliver of light
Those deep sinking
A slimy quagmire of pain and angst
where my hope sinks and die
in the deep abyss of uncertainty
Those tall trees with its long shadows
casting those doubts in me
stripping me off
my serenity
I wonder
with a lost gaze in my eyes
and wonders deeply
my savior,
How will you find me
in this life so deep?

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