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written by: ilex fenusova



it was not through

cracked ochre veneer-

your eyes of clay-

a lark took leave.


you are not terracotta.

you are not a carved spell.


I keep stone missiles

in case I meet

your acupuncture puzzle.

if stimulating one point is good

then arousing many with force

must be better, right?


what’s under your feet

is alien to you

yet I’d made my home there.


I took the measurements between us

with the palms of my hands:


a coin


a reservation


a photograph.


mosaic distal-

and I am fractured now.

your horses gleam

and so did I


but I don’t know how to tell you

you can’t use obsidian

to heal a broken heart

astromancers; sleek, scarring,

next time will shatter

before they crack.


sitting in the middle of European leaves

might be just enough

to let me go


warm me enough

to make me move


ice caps, ptarmigan, andromeda.


push me to click another hour.


event horizon, a midnight sun,

bear-fur lining.

teach me how to get away


a cablecar


a candlestick


too much patience.

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