Through Glass written by Dan Leicht at

Through Glass

Through Glass

written by: Dan Leicht



With his glasses off the world around him looked muddled,
detached. He much preferred the world this way,
he thought it made more sense. As he made his way through busy streets
he noticed everyone looked the same, their faces
all blurred, their characteristics vanished.
“What a wonderful sight,” he thought.
All those years of worrying what he looked like, trying to become something
he was not – wasted. He considered stealing the glasses off faces of strangers
as they passed him by, what a perfect way to share his discovery, but he stopped
when he noticed a cardboard sign, the letters he couldn’t make out
so he put his glasses back on – OPEN YOUR HEART TO SEE – read the sign.
He let the sentiment linger for a moment before he asked
the young woman holding the sign what it meant,
“What we see isn’t always what’s most important,” she said.
“Sometimes it’s what we feel that truly matters.”

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