Love Song of the Unloving, a poem by Jackie Chou at
Yair Mejia

Love Song of the Unloving

Love Song of the Unloving

written by: Jackie Chou


I know you love me, you say.
How are you so sure, I wonder.
I suppose I do,
as I love nothing else.

I don’t love to write,
don’t love bird songs,
the shards of sunlight
that spill through the blinds
all day.

So it could be true,
that I love you,
relatively speaking,
that compared to a dandelion,
a sparrow, a tree,
I like you a little more.

This small preference,
for the sight, the sound,
the scent of you,
accumulates daily, nightly,
hourly, monthly, yearly,
like drops of honey
add up to syrupy love,
which one tastes in one’s heart.

Ah, love,
you are sweeter than stardust,
shinier than dew.

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