The Pencil, a poem by Tay Summerlin at
Francesco lo Giudice

The Pencil

The Pencil

written by: Tay Summerlin



I pick up my pencil
For an idea came to mind
What comes next
Will have me defined

This one item
So small and long in length
Can help determine a future
Showing its true strength

But what will I do
With this pencil in my hand?
It has to be something unique
Something special and grand

Perhaps I’ll write a story
To show what kind of storyteller I can be
Like Hemingway or Dickens
Maybe even like Miyazaki or Disney

I could be the next Beethoven
Creating music for people to listen
To feel each beat within their soul
Causing their eyes to glisten

Art might be my calling
My sketch could be great and full of vigor
Or it could be the beginning
Of something much bigger

So much can be accomplished
With a pencil and my abilities
All that’s needed is an idea
Then there will be endless possibilities

I think about such things
With the fire of creativity in my heart
But I won’t know anything
Unless I actually start

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