Birthing Hell, a poem by Megha Sood at
Ralph Nas

Birthing Hell

Birthing Hell

written by: Megha Sood



The darkness howling
scratching at the insides of my throat
knitting a deep dark abyss in the mouth
cleaved out of hunger

A dark dungeon
a warm incubator for my demons
to nourish and keep throbbing
these deep-seated fears
ashen desires
as they find a new home
their sustenance

The Cimmerian shade in the mouth
can eclipse the brightest star
you have ever witnessed
the warm slithering undulation
can take you in slowly
devour you completely

The sparrows robbed
completely of their shadows
at my side of the town
children stripped of their laughter
as the darkness sets in
slowly and surely
until they are exhumed
ashes to ashes
dust to dust

This darkness finds a cozy home inside me
the slithering vent to their evil desires
The dark ravens are flowing out of my cloaked mouth
and the firmament for the hell
is open wide and agape.

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