Her Identity, poetry by Sheila Henry at Spillwords.com
Mike Von

Her Identity

Her Identity

written by: Sheila Henry



She was never a girly girl
did not care about wearing her
mother’s high heel shoes,
or painting her nails.
Wasn’t interested in putting on lipstick,
or smearing makeup on her face.
Had no attraction to the color pink
like most girls do,
nor did she fancy pretty dresses
carefully selected for her.
When she was permitted to make decisions for herself,
and choose what style she wanted to wear,
she wore clothes the same as her brother and
liked to rough and tumble with his friends.
No one in the family felt the need to ask the “question”.
Her identity she chose by herself.
She matured to be phenomenal
despite a world so cruel at times.
The belief in the person she had become
helped to make her strong.
She is intelligent, kind and caring,
lives by great values
she gathered on her journey through life.
A person more than enough
for Those who love her.
This is how God made her
born the way she is.

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