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Simple Yet Bold

Simple Yet Bold

written by: Shawntelle Moncy



When we first met, you were my best friend, you were my hugest crush. Everything you said made me giggle and every point you had to make, I considered.
We were not afraid to be ourselves, not afraid to have fun, not afraid to be wild, not afraid of anything it seemed.
Every word we spoke was something new, our constant pursuance to learn everything there was to learn about each other.
I wanted to know your favorite colors, your favorite songs, your favorite moment, your number one place you’d like to travel, and why? I wanted to know about your family, know about your past, know about your future. I wanted to know all the simple details that made up who you are. I wanted to know where I could fit myself in.
While we were learning about each other’s souls, it was a constant adventure; an endless exploration into your heart, not realizing one day I would call it my home. Not knowing you were listening to my souls every word, taking in my very being.
Oh how simple yet bold love can be.

But we let the world take us in, we let it interrupt our every notion. We allowed it to stress our minds and worry our hearts. We let it slowly turn our love into fear. We believed we knew all there was to know. We let it strip us of our wild spirit and force us into a false reality.

How wild it is to let go, to let it be.
We need to hold on to one another’s hands and flee these crowded spaces. We need to let go of feelings that linger, that leave our hearts hollow. We must smile at the simple thought of each other again.
We need to miss one another in an instant. We need to learn deeper; we have read many chapters in each other’s eyes, but we’ve yet to read the next book.
We need to live each day with lovely spontaneity instead of planning our every week. We need to spend that $20 on a drink because it sounds good at the moment.
We need to hold hands down the street just to feel your skin on my palm, just to hold you the best way I can while we walk down hectic streets.
We need to laugh at the stupid moments and strive to never stop creating memories we’ll remember the rest of our lives.
We need to breathe in the air and scream, just to hear the echo, just to make noise, just to feel alive. We need to breathe in the smoke, just to dream, just to set off creative minds, just because we can.
We need to find peace within silence and boredom within nothing. We need to be best friends, each other’s hugest crush.
We need to never stop experiencing something new, something a little bit scary, a little bit crazy, a little bit wild.
Oh how simple yet bold love can be.

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