Kelly MacGill, a poem written by TM DiSarro at

Kelly MacGill

Kelly MacGill

written by: TM DiSarro



The lights were burning brightly
Bidding welcome one and all
And everyone who entered their
Did hearken to the call
Of Kelly as he shouts hello
From the corner of the bar
With smiling eyes he’ll make you feel
Like you’re a superstar
Always there to light your pipe
And share a glass of beer
Or talk about the sporting games
While passing round the cheer
And if the talk should be about
The government you’d find
A man who had passion
Of a very different kind
T’was on a night the likes of this
And getting very late
While at the bar we talked about
The root of all our hate
A conversation laced with all
The blood spilled in the past
To find a way to maybe win
Our freedom there at last
Planning out the counter strikes
And vengeance for the dead
The revelations hit like spikes
To make the man see red
On how to find a lasting peace
Inside this troubled land
Or if we turn and walk away
Or make a final stand
And then dear Kelly spoke these words
That seemed the strangest thing
When he was deep in silent prayer
He heard the angels sing
A song of hope for tortured men
To ease their troubled minds
And find a solemn ray of hope
When fate is less than kind
With softest of beginnings
Kelly’s voice began to hum
As we became attentive
To those crystal words he sung
“We are only angels deep
Within the eyes of God
Nestled in the arms of love
Like peas within a pod
Wandering like Nomads
As we search for our net worth
Oppression all the while we dwell
Upon this island earth
Here we live in exile
Trapped within the ways of man
And barren of the things that bind
Our consciousness to God
Where every day we’re called
To battle Satan and his ways
And try to make our way
Through all this self-absorbing haze
And everything we have
Is just a fraction what we need
There is no lasting victory
As we watch our brothers bleed”
And with this final word
The window shattered in the room
And next I heard the sound of death
Inside that massive boom
The last thing I remember
I was laying on the floor
Then lifting myself up I saw
The devil at the door
Smiling at his handiwork
Then running to a car
And poor old Kelly blown up
Into Heaven’s shining stars
And so the fight continues on
As others take his place
A never ending battle
And a life defining race
The lives we live are struggle
And the ends so hard to see
And nothing at all matters
If we never can be free
A faithful friend and confidant
I’ll miss him every day
His generous heart and happy face
And all he had to say
And when it is my time to leave
And if it is God’s will
Heaven has a place for me
And my friend
Kelly MacGill

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