Drown, a poem written by TM DiSarro at Spillwords.com
Sajad Fi



written by: TM DiSarro



Sleepless I drown
In my thoughts
Your images
Pulling me under
Holding me down
Through the night
Restless in bed as I wonder
These thoughts
Are not my thoughts at all
They drop on me
Then pour like rain
Until they become
To fill in the space
In my brain
Relentless the waters take hold
Seeking its level of sorrows
The place where my
Heartbreak unfolds
Until I can’t find my tomorrows
While under a blanket I hide
As darkness of deep
Shrouds my eyes
In shades of these grey
Mornings rising
With lights I interpret as lies
These thoughts filling cracks
In my days
Spilling out into the workplace
Tainting the words that I say
Rushing just behind my brave face
So others may see how I’m dying
And know all the pain I go through
It’s easy to spot without trying
My eyes hold back oceans
Without you



From the new book – ‘Every Wicked Bird’

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