Thief Of Time, a poem written by TM DiSarro at

Thief Of Time


written by: TM DiSarro



Little notepads full of words
Thoughts and rhymes that no one’s heard,
Stuffed inside a duffle bag nestled in my closet
Never time enough to sift
The bag is getting hard to lift
The more I write the more little notepads I deposit
Time is always hard to find
To get the junk out of your mind
Scribbled verses on the fly read like chicken scratch
Do I work or do I write, burning candles in the night
The best thoughts caught are born inside the seconds that I snatch
Looking for some time there’s none
When you’re writing on the run
Working three jobs just to keep your tiny ship afloat
All the best laid plans to write
Are useless if kept out of site
Or never spoken stuck like little fish bones in your throat
Lovely rants of verse and rhyme
Written out on company time
Or maybe while I’m driving scribbled with a shaky hand
My best ideas of love or fears
Are written out while shifting gears
As lines fly by like highways and pour out like grains of sand
Thief of time I must confess
Is better off when under stress
Complacency will suffocate and kill the writers mind
Adversity is where it’s at
When contemplating this or that
The time I steal reveals the wheel for imagination to unwind

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