Notice The Small, a poem by Joseph Mannino at

Notice The Small

Notice The Small

written by: Joseph Mannino


Sure our capacity is vast
Our field of view still expanding
We see the forest for the trees
With no deeper understanding

We see the leaves but miss just one
A bit darker than all the rest
We are so stuck in the macro
We fail this perceptual test

Take a moment outside yourself
Close your view just for a minute
Turn your attention to the small
See all the splendor within it

Once you calibrate your focus
Look closer at the world abound
See all that’s taken for granted
From mundane, derive the profound

Some paint spattered on a window
Reminds you of a cockatoo
The stain left by your coffee mug
Becomes a dreamlike déjà vu

Light from the sun blazes boldly
Through the peephole on your front door
Casting rainbows of diffraction
Of patterns never seen before

Suddenly in your front garden
The microcosm is rendered clear
Spilling forth a vast multitude
Of nuances yet to appear

There in the smallest of regions
The land of the vague and sublime
Dwells this overlooked poetry
Inspiration fueling this rhyme

And though we struggle to see it
Amidst chaos of urban sprawl
We must strive to find the beauty
By merely noticing the small

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