My New Years Spiritual Reconnection, written by Shawntelle Moncy at

My New Years Spiritual Reconnection

My New Years Spiritual Reconnection

written by: Shawntelle Moncy



It’s always a good time to set new intentions and goals in your life, but starting a new year brings a sort of stronger motivation to do so.

This past year has been one of my most memorable years yet. In 2017, I discovered so much about myself. I have had such spiritual growth and am learning more and more each day about what I believe.

I traveled with the love of my life and experienced an entirely new way of free and beautiful living that I strive to continue.

The end of 2017 was well-spent back with family and working an incredible amount of hours to pay off debt, prepare for the next steps in life and of course also save for our next adventure.

These past few months, I have found myself feeling a little stuck, stuck working 15 hour days, 6 or seven days a week, leaving me with a lack of time for myself and my spiritual growth. But I’m beginning to realize that it’s not all about the spare time that I have, but about my intentions throughout the entire day.

Though daily yoga, rituals and meditation, is a wonderful development for the spirit, it is your every day demeanor that truly allows the soul to learn and grow. Every single moment counts, every thought and every breath.

At first, working in labor was great, it was new and I was ambitious to start making steady money again. But after a few weeks, the early mornings and late evenings began to be tiring, I had just enough time to come home, eat and take a shower before it was time for me to go to sleep for another early morning.

My mind would wander off about all the things I wanted to do with the next day that I would have off, even though it was far away. I would think about all the things I was missing out on, all the time I didn’t have to do what I wanted to do.

It took me a while to get out of this thought process and recognize that I had been here before, only two years ago, in this same mindset, but in a different place and time.

Because of this, I already know how effective changing my mindset can be, here I am only focusing on the negative things of the day. I was waking up, already not looking forward to the long day, already wanting to go back to bed, getting to work and only interested in when the day would end, in my own head about how much I didn’t want to be at work and all the other things I wanted to be doing.

Yet, I have the opportunity to learn Spanish with the people I work with right now, I have the opportunity to work great hours and make awesome money to pay off my expenses and look forward to the future.

I am surrounded by loving family that are finally so near to me and I am able to breathe and live a new day, every morning that I wake up. I am fortunate to have a roof over my head, to have family and a job, to have food to eat, clothes to wear and a comfy bed to sleep on.

I am so fortunate, so lucky… so many of us are. Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves of this, and I needed to tell myself this within the 15 hour days instead of the few things I was disappointed in.

The only thing standing in my way of happiness and continuing my spiritual growth right now, is myself and no one else. I believe that the situation that I am in right now was given to me for a reason, to challenge my mind once again.

Having the time to sit down with candles and incense and meditate my mind still happens, though walking my dog and practicing my yoga and wiccan practices are not as frequent, I am learning so much more throughout the simple everyday challenges in life.

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