A Chef's Kiss, poetry by Cailey Tarriane at Spillwords.com
Andrea Piacquadio

A Chef’s Kiss

A Chef’s Kiss

written by: Cailey Tarriane



they share a love that was measured,
affection that was counted,
and feelings only estimated.

she was a chef and baker,
containers of food stored in the freezer,
on chillier days a warm pastry was offered to him, to
his lips that had nowhere to go, nowhere near hers
there was no spark in their touch,
no care in the lunch
she made every meal for the both of them.

One day, one uneventful night, the sun rose
with the fire that their house was set on
she climbed out the window, landed safely but
her partner was left trapped, they shared no room

she heard sirens from a distance, but it would be too
late, she remembered the dishes she served him, cooked with respect
so she let in a big breath held to avoid the smoke
sprinted back into the house, fast as a cheetah
to save her one true love-
the refrigerator.

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