Lessons from Growth, poetry by Cailey Tarriane at Spillwords.com
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Lessons from Growth

Lessons from Growth

written by: Cailey Tarriane



I miss being told what to do, though I shouldn’t be.
I should be soaring like everybody else,
those who listened and understood lessons from their youth.
I long to go back in time to listen and learn,
I loathe growing up before it wasn’t the dream I hoped for anymore.

I miss being guided with assurance and certainty.
It isn’t provided forever,
some less fortunate aren’t given guidance
and I took advantage of mine, deaf-eared, foolish like the hare who lost to the tortoise-
same downfall reason.

I will warn those younger than me
To be guided when there is a guide
Look for direction when someone is pointing
Ask for wisdom before losing sight of what it is
because they don’t hear with open ears.

The path of growing up leads to many destinations, but they make us all
Nothing more than overwhelmed,
Nothing less than lost.
You are not alone.

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