You're No Good For Me, poem by Sheila Henry at
Jaclyn Moy

You’re No Good For Me

You’re No Good For Me

written by: Sheila Henry



Closed off heart
when you came around.
Persistent you were
with your primitive tongue.
Sweet lies lined your foreign lips—
Surprise. The soul wanted in and considered this.

Red flags—waved in the wind.
So many, but who was counting.
Those who live long say ‘Life is Short’.
I say—
Adventure is a reward to the seeker who sought.
No need to fear feelings
when you can roll with the flow and explore.
A matched union?
Perhaps yes, perhaps no.

A scented candle burned
to its wick’s end.
Jasmine scent seeped from its heat
in a puddle of melted wax.
Hot, hot, hot—too hot,
Sizzling. Heat erupting from within.
Too hot, too hot. Argh! Argh!
Only your touch could turn off the heat;
but the reality is ‘You’re no good for me’.

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