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Flowers Do Die…

Flowers Do Die…

written by: LadyLily



Flowers do die…
Coldness spins them with his chilled fingers.
I say nothing. Just watch.
Gentle clouds above wear my mother’s face,
Her hair waves through worlds
And a thousand stars shudder, blinking paler.

Dead leaves crackle on Spring grass,
Life begins to flame and, for a moment,
We notice everything is changing.
Secret tunes of Hummingbirds tell the story
Of a forgotten child…
Creating shadows over my soul.

Shy blooms open their eyes with golden pupils,
Blinking in the feverish sight of glowing life.
Fresh beauty endlessly lures you in
As Swallows rocket into a veil of blue light
Myriads of delusional Gnats circle dance.

I know you walk with me…
The flickering dust of sunlight tells me so.
Hearing winds moving around your hair,
Moonflower aromas whisper magic songs.
Let the sweet breaths of nature heal us both
So, we may speak without words.

Some say Earth is brittle globe of glass,
Harsh, dark and cruel,
The dead Moon laughs in secret.
Even the mountains cannot rest,
Their happiness has died.
I cry as a child sat on my mother’s knee.

Together we drink the afternoon air
Sat on grass with its verdant smile,
Providing a luscious resting place
Where I sit in wonder…
Next to the sculptured impression of your form.
The land drips with imaginary colours,
Threaded webs, sheer silver, decorate Pines of sage.

Mother’s whispers…
‘My world gleams and glints,
Forests are laced with emerald greens,
Gold stranded ribbons of light slip
into segments of shredded showers,
leaving puddles of purple on a moon-mosaic path.
Butterflies, mellow yellow wings of
Emit saffron auras, rising on a smiling breeze.’

My Mother’s soul is going home,
She rides on flaxen breaths
as I come back to tired air
and reluctantly return to my earthly abode.

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