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Death Poem – 162

Death Poem – 162

written by: Marc Isaac Potter



Underneath everything
That is to say late at night or rather should I say in the very early morning hours when a teenager finally falls asleep

Some of them dream dreams that they then forget. These dreams are about death

I can see this not necessarily in my daughter’s eyebrow pencil it is to save my eyebrows that she puts on her face but rather I see it inside of her eyes in the center of her eyes in the early morning there’s a kind of emptiness that cannot be mistaken

And yet her voice belies the darkness as though it was not only not there now but it never was there.

When I was in high school there was a road in our part of the world I don’t remember the name now I want to say something like Miller’s Cove or show me such thing and one of the students in my graduating class if I remember right it was just weeks before we graduated was killed in a car accident on a very sharp curve

It was a huge sharp curve up a sharp Hill even though that northern part of Ohio has no Hills and no valleys to speak of

I apologize if this piece of writing is not what you expected

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