Shouldn't We, poetry by Nonduduzo Ngomane at

Shouldn’t We

Shouldn’t We

written by: Nonduduzo Ngomane


Every moment we spend together could be our last.
Shouldn’t we cherish each other more?
Shouldn’t we listen to the whines of each other’s hearts more?
Shouldn’t we get over our anger faster, mock our flaws and stop time in our happiness?

Every breath we take could be our last.
Shouldn’t we take more of it while we can?
Take off our weird sun shades and wear out our mountain boots while exploring the wild perhaps.
Or maybe we could light up the darkened hearts we come across.
Bringing a smile on a couple sad faces surely wouldn’t hurt.

Every day we spend could be our last.
Shouldn’t we paint the sprawling landscape?
Or why not watch the sunset together instead?

We have so many ‘might be the lasts’
Let’s stop the New York pace, we’re going to miss the little details.
Let’s walk this ridiculously short journey one step at a time.
Let’s leave no regrets.

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