All Halloween, a poem written by Eva Marie Cagley at
A Koolshooter

All Halloween

written by: Eva Marie Cagley



Ghost and goblins
and trees that talk
round the alley
a chopping blocks!

Witches brew
of rat-tail stew,
Spiders that crawl
all over you!

A pinch of this
and a pinch of that,
And over there
a big black cat!

Pumpkins glowing yellow
with candlelight,
while eerie things
Fly past you at night

Bats, Bats are in your hair.
The nights pitch black
Oh, what a scare!
Ghost and Goblins are everywhere.

While trick-or-treaters
Knock from house to house,
I’ll stay in mine
as quiet as a mouse!

Hiding until the morning
Sun does shine,
until this All Halloween is past
its bewitching time!!

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