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written by: Megha Sood



I carry the seasons
in the palms of my hand
as I rub them together
and create the sweltering heat
the summer carries
in its belly
I carry the monsoon in
the braids of my tresses
drenched in the drops of the water
after the wash
when I cleanse myself and the city
washing the impurities down the gutters
and tightly clutch the
hair between my fingers for that last shower
of the monsoon
to give your parched hearts
a long-lasting relief
I carry yearning of the aching autumn
in my tired back
when the pain of the separation
is carried by every falling leaf
that simmering pain in my
bony and taloned fingers
are carried by the curls of the fallen leaves
holding on the promise
to meet in the blooming spring again
I carry the warmth of the cold winter nights
cozied up by the fireplace
wrapped around by the arms of love
as my breasts heave
and weave the symphony
of the aubade
when the sun kisses the crimson-tinged skies
I carry the seasons inside
and with every turn
of my body and
a shrug of my shoulder
they take birth
I carry the season inside me
Me, the mother earth.

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