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I’m in Love With The Wind!

I’m in Love With The Wind!

written by: Dr. Elizabeth V. Koshy


My blue-green waters are one with your airy blue home in the distance:
it’s just an illusion, I know, but I wish it were true!
My being yearns for you! I’m bound to the land while you are free,
sweeping across the globe, swirling over the land and the waters!
You do as you please: you’re unstoppable!

A gentle breeze touches me and sets my placid waters quivering.
I know it’s your soft touch, inviting me to play with you in the skies.
I’ve been waiting for this moment since dawn,
ready for the sun to steam me up: I am now vapour
transported to varying heights by your warm breezes!

Sometimes to the upper reaches where I freeze into icy, wispy, cirrus clouds.
Sometimes to median heights as higher stratus clouds of snow
and some other times to lower stratus clouds of rain.
You play with me, sweep around me and chase me
when I am a cumulus cloud and together we live out our dreams!

Sometimes you shape me into an angel with wings outspread,
at times you mould me into Apollo’s horses galloping across the skies,
sometimes you transform me into a ship sailing across the starry blue,
its sails like plumes of smoke in the moonlight, scattered by your play.
At other times you work me up into a cyclone or a storm!

I feel your strength when you sweep my towering dark cumulonimbus
clouds around, sparking lightning and thunder; the world trembles
and listens in quietude, awestruck by your power and presence, like me!
I quiver and come crashing down as rain, back into the blue-green waters
of my home, ready once again for yet another thrilling round of play!

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