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Time to be what you have always longed to be!

written by: Nazam Riar


What a beautiful time
to dream and to create
to sing, dance and to romance
to smile until it reaches your eye
to sob and clear your heart out in a loud cry!
What an appropriate time to win at your own play
to accomplish things deeply but at your own pace slowly
to sleep tight and wake-up wholly!
What a right time to walk amidst your inner dense wood and get lost
to meditate and at that moment, find your own self
to shed all the emotions that are negative
and embrace the ones that for humanity are progressive!
The time has come to love and love more
to be kind and to care
to connect with long lost family and friends
albeit virtually but with all your emotions you could bare!
This is the time to be simple, soulful and serene
to enjoy nature and your true being
to be and not to be
to be yourself and yet be free!
This is the time when we all are one big clan and together in God’s plan;
Time to live a life of passion not forgetting the most vital compassion;
Time to be what you have always longed to be!

Nazam Riar

Nazam Riar

DOB: 21-7-1981
Personal details: I am constantly looking for music in the mundane as I believe that “the world has music for those who listen.” A self – confessed People’s person. Loves to read and write poetry and prose. A big fan of Rumi and Khalil Gibran. An avid traveler & explorer, visited around 22 countries across different continents for leisure.
Professional details: Presently, working as an Assistant Professor in Computer Science in a reputed college in Punjab, India. More than twelve years of experience in teaching including one year as a Communication Skills Expert. I also write for reputed Indian newspapers like Hindustan Times and The Tribune and have got published more than 20 middles last year. In October of 2017, I got my first book self-published by Notion Press, Chennai - “Confessions of a Happy Woman” which were musings about life.
Nazam Riar

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