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written by: Allie



A candle small and dim,
Feels a draft, and brightens: New Air!
Check the wall, brick by brick, A Crack!
And through the crack, Eyes!
Kind eyes, familiar eyes, Love!
This brick is loose! A Gap!
Through the gap, A Hand!
Helping and Gentle, Scared?
Another brick moves, and another!
The Gap becomes a hole,
the hole becomes a door,
the door letting in all the hopes, the dreams, forgotten
the door to despair, remembered, Desperation!
The hand, don’t let go!
The flood subsides, Elation!
The candle becomes a Beacon, leaving her tomb, Freed
By Kind eyes, Helping Hand, and Love.
The tomb collapses, Empty!



Written as a sequel and companion to A Wall

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