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Will We Ever Be Alright

Will We Ever Be Alright

written by: thePoeticpiper



“This life is too short to leave these words unsaid”

I played our memories on repeat
Read our conversations
What broke me down were the theme songs
My heart supernovaed on nothing but you to seek
Directed a scene that brought us joy

Through my heart I could feel you
Through my eyes I could see you
Never gave much about your past I was never a part of
See the truth is, time comes, time flies
Time can easily fade away

We let each other go in the summer heat weather
Around the same time when lovers got together
Made amends and got back in on the fall
Put things in place, though old memories fell off stage
I had faith of the colours we had brought in us

As time travelled clockwise
I tried to keep hold of your hand and not contemplate
Fool for love I was, fool for love I am
I am a child of the water streams hmmmm
Winter felt warm with much life we never missed summer, then

Then spring hailed, burried memories of a loved one
That sprung in pain and summer
Yes, the summer heat weather
Summer aplauded a cycle of a different kind out of concern
Sincerely with love, for you were in tears of loss of a loved one

We let each other go in the summer heat weather
Way before the time when lovers are to be together
Memories falling off stage, colours turn to bad karma
And here I lay upon my bed asking myself
“Will we ever be alright?”

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