The Best of all Possible Words written by J. Ahlberg at

The Best Of All Possible Words

The Best of all Possible Words

written by: J.Ahlberg



What are writers if they’re not inferential surfers?

Raking waves of words over metaphors

And swells of seamilies

Splashing in what they don’t say as well as what they do say

Riding rough shod over familiar foam

and breaking over fresh water ideas.


The thrill, to stumble over commas and bend over full stops

Pushing to the limits every truth in your belief box

Skimming and imagining brave new possible worlds

Courting counterparts and counterfactuals

with a tap on the web surfing keyboard.


We are the real world updaters, bland world haters,

New world narrators and old world debaters.

We are the game changers, the emotion illustrators

Social and political commentators.


We’re unafraid to reckon the rogue waves

To sift through the logic of the inference chains

To find the feasibility in the plausibility claim.


We are the founders of the best of all imagined words

We are the parents of the best of all possible worlds.

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