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written by: Allie



And So anger flares,
and love is forgotten.
Food tastes like sawdust,
My throat feels like cotton,
bitter tears, the shower to hide them,
battered fears, no light to guide them.
You gave them your magic, your beauty, your joy,
but now it’s thrown back, like a cheap broken toy.
You got used to hearing their voice in your head,
But now there is silence, you wish you were dead.
The days run together, the nights never end,
The gentle hands that tore down your wall,
Are now hurling bricks at you, you stumble and fall,
Their words are like poison, your joys are all tainted,
Your beauty is dirty, your magic is faded,
You try to remember who you were before
But everything’s broken, that girl is no more.
The world has turned sour where once it was sweet,
you gave them your power, and fell at their feet,
And now you are nothing, empty and bare,
mocked by the sunlight, the moon, and the air,
Nothing can fix the heartbreak of now,
But each day gets shorter, you make it somehow.
Eventually sawdust will turn back to food,
And you can find Peace with the one that is You.

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