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Warrior Woman

Warrior Woman

written by: Jan Sargeant


You were going to be so many things
the soft touch of a new dawn,
a fingertip touching cheek
nuzzling warm milky lips
kissing sweet drips
from puckered mouth

warrior woman,
facing down dragons,
laughing at scorn,
striding across skies
smashing through lies
seeing strength in a mirror
self-belief not disguise

I watched your blood flushed away,
one fat, smiling August day
thought I’d rather die
but couldn’t

when they scraped your brother away
“cleaned me up” I heard a doctor say,
wished I could die
but didn’t

I hear your voice in my dreams
even today, watch you play,
see your skirts as they fly
soothe your tears when you cry
imagine the feel of you,
taste the scent of you,
know the touch of you
ache with the loss of you

Lived a lifetime of love with you
imagined an entire future with you,
filled hours with hopes and dreams of you
in the forty short wonderful days we knew

Jan Sargeant

Jan Sargeant

SEPTEMBER 2022 AUTHOR OF THE MONTH at Spillwords.com
Jan Sargeant has written for many years, poetry and academic texts. She is also known for her art, painting as WWS. She lives in England, and is now retired from her university teaching after a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease.
Jan Sargeant

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