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Hunters Of Night

Hunters of Night

written by: Sobhan Pramanik



In the grey Kolkata skyline,
Vidyasagar Setu looms broadly
like wings of Harps,
softly played on by the darkness.
A bustling strip of NH 6
arcs over the river,
streaked in blue fading lights,
connecting the twin cities
that make for its heavy shores.
Even with the night at its darkest
and the surrounding roads emptied,
the bridge is strangely never still.
Cars with blue shadows on their boot,
continue to stream both ways,
along the connector,
all night.

I wonder if someone up on
their rooftop late night,
tasting the salty breeze,
would look at us the same way.
And smile and keep vigil,
of our lonely feelings –
yours and mine,
that claws their way out
of our hearts every night,
unable to rest and contain,
to travel to each other’s city
across the river,
taking the bridge
we failed to burn.

Sobhan Pramanik

Sobhan Pramanik

Just another 22-year-old, based out in Kolkata, living with my parents. Little confused, little concerned. I completed my bachelors in Computer Science Engineering very recently and as of now, carefully treading the tight rope of choices to wherever it is supposed to lead me to. About writing, let’s say, it is something more than just a hobby. Hobby is what people fall back to in leisure with interest and come out detoxed. Even though I am academically an engineer, writing is that one thing I wish to pursue every time, all the time, irrespective of the state of circumstances. It resolves me in a way, emotionally and mentally, adding a sense of purpose to my strides in life. Apart from that, as it is with every writer in the world, I love to read. In short, my bookshelf is all about the endlessness of hope. I am also an ardent nature worshipper and love Indian music.
Sobhan Pramanik

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