The Indestructible Antidote, poetry by Moonmoon Chowdhury at
Jonas Kaiser

The Indestructible Antidote

The Indestructible Antidote

written by: Moonmoon Chowdhury


Soot and tar permeate the porous infinity,
Ashen dunes bury the vibrant vicinity,
Limbs of trees slump in the scalding clime,
Hues evaporate from the earth, by and by.

Guns and sirens roar, bleaching verdant hearts,
Edifices crumble, havens fall apart,
Tears coagulate, labored breaths swell,
Courage loses pigment, texture, and smell.

Despondence commands the debris of dreams,
Fear weaves webs and agony screams,
The obsidian cavern chisels ‘impending doom’,
One last arduous chance to fight the final gloom.

Shivering, they unfold the decrepit map of hope,
Sediments they plow and prune the weeds of mope,
They water the patch, with their vestigial soul force,
Till green sprouts colonize the resurrected source.

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