Constellations, poetry by Ntuthuko Brian Ncobeni at



written by: Ntuthuko Brian Ncobeni


Are stars rising from the east
Moving at a thousand miles per hour to settle in the west.

I’ve endured every moving rotation
Lived and survived throughout the confusion
All the while
The sun, the moon, the stars, and distant planets have collided to form constellations
Routing the heart to its final destination, That is You!

The Journey, long as the River Nile
I’ve been to Gemini and got lost with the wind until I was held captive in Taurus.
Danced with the bull but it spoke a foreign tongue different to mine.

Met beautiful faces and smiles in Virgo but paradise was still a lie, I had to go.
Fought for liberation in Libra, freedom was another lie, broken promises led to seek refuge in Sagittarius, The promised land.

The plot was based on taking down the King but little had I known its Queen from Leo, the lioness would become the paradise I’ve been looking for.

Paradise was tagged, with higher expectations and standards.
The price is high
The reward is great
Family isn’t always blood
It’s the people in your life who want you in theirs.

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