The Song, a poem by David Lee at

The Song

The Song

written by: David Lee (Tallisman)



She sings her songs in silence
Her voice so strong and free
Her words for a while a sweet pretence
An echo of normality
Her words are those of sadness
Lost loves, lost hopes, lost lives
She sings among the madness
Brings unexpected tears to my eyes
I don’t know who is singing
But her voice breaks my heart
For a moment hope is clinging
And my soul shatters apart
Inevitably the song ended
Life continues as before
For a moment in time I pretended
Life was worth living for
I long to hear that voice again
To revel in it once more
In a world so cold and inhumane
I felt my spirit soar
Floating high upon her sweet song
To where the Gods hold sway
Losing briefly all that’s wrong
Feel my worries fall away
Maybe I heard an Angel sing
And into paradise trod
And for the flutter of an Angel’s wing
I tasted the scent of God.

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