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written by: Norberto Franco Cisneros


The vortex of my life
spins my head around
my mind can’t contain the inhumanity
their turbulent illogic and excuses make me dizzy

The vortex is the GOD
I have been trying to avoid in my life
but He keeps pulling me back
I am helpless to escape

HE is in all of us
No matter how we act or think
HE is within us all
Whether we accept HIM or not

I don’t know why some of us deny his existence
Our ignorance is obscene
But HE does not relinquish us
Since we are HIS forever

But in the light, the fight on this earthly plane is not over
the heavenly plane can wait,
the struggle must continue until all the devils in our midst are defeated
and the evil in their vacuous minds is exorcised

No matter where the wealthy controllers lurk
whether in glass buildings gilded in fake gold
or congressional marbled hallways adorned in antique bronze
they must be held accountable

Their psyches house withered hearts and stopped-up brains,
these zombies walk the halls of congress making life difficult for the sickly,
the homeless, the hungry, the overtaxed middle-class and the elderly
there is still much work to be done

To cleanse the world of the avaricious many
who abscond with the people’s golg and still demand more
but are loath to share the bounty they were given
by the Keeper of Worlds and Planets of this Universe

All the world’s peoples are innocent in His eyes,
except the ones who walk with decayed hearts and putrid souls
and are destined to dwell in a fiery forest called Hell
for an infinity of eternities



We are headed for the abyss if things don’t change.

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