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The Woman I Love

The Woman I Love

written by: Norberto Franco Cisneros


I was leaving to buy a different colored wine
but as I knew wine, what she wanted was a paler shade of red
I remember you walking in the room a black rose on your head
you with the clear jade green piercing eyes…

Skin soft as the sprays of falling rain
your cheeks smooth with the color of summer rose petals
a soft small chin delicately sculpted to sense the drops of rain
if she follows the wind, wherever it blows, I’ll follow her

Not many women can cajole men with a smile
seductively human, never needy, but always giving from her heart
she might be a siren one moment as she sings from her soul
the next she’s a strong voice on the pedestal of reason

Not many like her in this world full of deceit
like any romance of love, one runs in with significant expectations
oftentimes it’s more like running into a buzz saw of pain
which can be difficult to extricate oneself

In this case, plain rain nourishes the black rose
whose petals fall into a curtained cloudy mist
I embrace you and feel the strength of your kiss
black rose petals fall under the touch of your lip’s caresses

Your tears always drop with compassion for the world
affection overflows from your heart
my good fortune is that you love me
and I cannot but adore you.

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